EXPERT Triathlon Coaching And Sports Nutrition For Endurance Athletes

With combined one-on-one nutrition and coaching, you will become the best athlete you can be!

Nutrition Assistance:
Struggling to Lose Weight? Feeling tired all the time? Want to maximize performance?

What happens when you eat a carb? Your blood sugar spikes, insulin is released, and your body naturally turns off the fat burning process. This leaves you craving more carbs for energy, hungrier, sluggish from the highs and lows, and weight gain. What if I helped train your body to burn it’s own fat as fuel still using foods you enjoy? Too good to be true? It’s not! I will help you dial in your daily macros (fat, protein, carbs) to optimize your health and performance. It is not just for athletes. I welcome anyone looking to improve their quality of life. I teach you how to control your blood sugar through the balance of nutrients in each meal. This turns on your body’s natural ability to use fat as its primary fuel source. Best part is that there are no gimmicks and no products to buy.  Just REAL food. Learn how this is done. Click here.

Triathlon/Run Coaching:TriDotStackedRGB-01
As a mom, wife, athlete, race director, and full time business owner, I know what is it like to balance a busy life. It’s why I believe in the TriDot system. You receive quality workouts instead of quantity. Train for your next half marathon, marathon, sprint, or half/full Ironman by maximizing your training time. I work closely with you to make sure you are getting the most out of your training while helping you balance all aspects of your daily life.

TriDot pricing packages can be found at TriDot. Coached athletes get a 20% discount on all nutrition packages.

A coach is defined as one with expertise in their field supporting and guiding a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal. Jessica, you are much more than that, you lead by example, (there are only a few people that I have met that lead in this way) inspiring me to meet and exceed my personal goals by teaching, guiding, supporting. Your focused approach and attention to detail in every aspect of my training has produced results that I never thought I could achieve. Your passion for healthy nutrition helped me to embrace a healthier life style which has revolutionized my diet. You never know who is watching, More is caught than taught, just ask your kids. I say that to solidify my stance on how you lead by example. Also, I am amazed how you and your family has handled adversity in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and continued to be steadfast in your coaching and helping others. It is just another testimony to your character. Well done coach! I am proud to be your athlete and your friend.
Jeff McCrary