Triathlon / Run Coaching

I’ve aligned myself with the best coaching software in the industry. TriDot

How does a coach know what will or won’t work for you?

They guess. That’s right. They have no idea how much aerobic, threshold, muscular, or neural stress your body can handle. They view the data and guess what move to make next based on their experience or education.

What if there’s a system that creates a plan that designed based on how your body handles stress?

TriDot IS that system. It analyzes your current and past history and 40+ other physiological factors about you, and creates a highly optimized and personalized plan. That’s not all. The plan is dynamic. Meaning it changes as you change. Are you getting strong or pushing too hard? TriDot analyzes your data daily and alters your plan based on the results. A plan that grows with you using artificial intelligence and big data to optimize your training. Again, other training options rely on theory, tradition, templates, or trial & error guesswork.

This system, combined with a coach, puts you at the top of your game. No more guess work on your training plan. A dedicated coach that’s invested in you.

Keys to Success

  • Communication: Keeping communication open is key to a good coach/athlete relationship. It helps me to know what makes you tick. Knowing when to push you or back you off, as well as altering training schedules and intensities for travel, illness, life stresses, last min changes, work, etc will help you be the best you can be.
  • Data: Use of data to enhance strengths and work on weaknesses. Is the data overwhelming? I’ll help you learn over time. Breaking it down in a more manageable way.
  • Fun: Helping you remember your why. Keeping you challenged, focused, and having fun.
  • Balance: Family, friends, work, and training. I help be the best YOU that you can be by keeping that balance.

What I offer in day to day coaching:

  • Answer all basic/detailed questions along the way.
  • Mental prep during training and before races
  • Basic training/race nutrition assistance with the option to upgrade to detailed day to day assistance for weight loss and custom race nutrition plans.
  • I rearrange your training for your work/family schedule so you get the biggest gains for each workout.
  • Bike form analysis
  • Swim Stroke analysis
  • I work remotely with athletes all around the country.
  • Unlimited access to me via text, email, or scheduled phone calls.
  • I comment on all critical workouts throughout the week with feedback that you can apply to future training. Not just a “you did a good job” response (unless the workout went perfectly). 🙂

Finding a coach is a very personal decision. Having a good coach/athlete relationship is key to helping you reach your goals. Feel free to reach out to setup an interview.

Not ready for a coach? TriDot has great plans for all distances without coaching. Prices starting at $29.99 a month. Click here to sign up!

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