Amy Arnold

I started training with TriDot after struggling to find a coaching style that matched my triathlon goals. I knew somebody that highly recommended Jessica’s nutrition program. After doing some research, I decided to hire Jessica as my nutritionist and coach. I’ve been working with Jessica for almost a year now. She has coached me through Ironman Galveston, Ironman Santa Rosa and numerous other Sprint Triathlons and runs. Jessica is always prompt with my schedule and feedback on my workouts. This is one aspect I was craving when I switched coaches, continuous feedback and communication about where I was in my training. I am amazed at the amount of effort she puts into tracking my progress. She can not only tell me I’m getting faster, but has the data to prove it. Jessica keeps a log for each workout I do and my numbers for those workouts. She will tell me the numbers from the same workout from several weeks prior and a workout I just completed to tell me my progress. Jessica is not only diligent in tracking my progress, she’s understanding when things don’t go according to plan. She has made herself available to me whenever I need her. She checks in with me daily- and not just about my training, but about my life. When I switched coaches, I never thought I would find someone who is as all-inclusive as Jessica. She motivates me when I need an extra push. She encourages me when I nail a workout and when I fail. She believes in me (even when I don’t!) and my goals and helps me reach them. She pushes me to achieve things I didn’t think I could do. Because Jessica (and many of the other coaches I have meet along the way) is such a great coach, I highly recommend TriDot to anyone who asks- and sometimes even if they don’t!

LaRonda Koffi

Jessica has helped me completely transform my fitness! She’s truly amazing. I safely lost about 5% in body fat within three months under her nutrition program. I’ve shaved over a minute off my 5K assessment in about five months. Coach Jessica trained me to successfully complete my first 70.3 and my first marathon, where I nearly qualified for Boston. I learned how to swim and was introduced to spinning under two years ago. Now I’m on track to complete my first 140.3 IMMT. Coach Jessica is motivating, inspiring, caring and thoughtful. She is the right combination of what any athlete would need, especially those who multi-task and need balance without compromising training. I can’t recommend Coach Jessica enough; I personally haven’t seen many coaches like her.

Gina Welc

I worked with Coach Jessica during the training season of 2019 to prepare for Ironman Louisville. She definitely was able to fine tune my specific training and I also stepped up to training with power (on the bike) during this time. It was fun although difficult (as in hard work) at times but worth it! I definitely saw improvements in cycling and running and am so glad I made the decision to work one on one with her! I also stepped up and worked with her on my nutrition to become fat adaptive and was happy I made this choice and change as well.

Jeff McCrary

A coach is defined as one with expertise in their field supporting and guiding a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal. Jessica, you are much more than that, you lead by example, (there are only a few people that I have met that lead in this way) inspiring me to meet and exceed my personal goals by teaching, guiding, supporting. Your focused approach and attention to detail in every aspect of my training has produced results that I never thought I could achieve. Your passion for healthy nutrition helped me to embrace a healthier life style which has revolutionized my diet. You never know who is watching, More is caught than taught, just ask your kids. I say that to solidify my stance on how you lead by example. Also, I am amazed how you and your family has handled adversity in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and continued to be steadfast in your coaching and helping others. It is just another testimony to your character. Well done coach! I am proud to be your athlete and your friend.

Kara Williams

Coach Jessica Baxter is a great coach. She understands an athlete’s goals and works with them to achieve them. Her empathy is her greatest strength as it helps her understand her athletes and is able to keep them calm and focused during training and on race day. I am so happy that she was my coach for my first Ironman. Her optimism, positivity, and overall awesome personality was a great fit for me. If you’re lucky enough to get Jess, then you’re going to have an amazing experience training and on race day!

Bryan Kreitz

Jessica brings the right amount of push with understanding of a busy lifestyle. She keeps my training on point, and is great about follow up and follow through. She has help me not only with triathlon but with nutrition as well. As a coach myself, I am critical of how I’m trained, and she brings her A game every week.

Sharon Howell

Jessica Baxter literally change my life with her nutrition coaching. I was training for my first Ironman 70.3 race and was having a rough time with nutrition. I was gaining weight , not sleeping well & experiencing post workout fatigue. I was having great success with UCAN during my workouts but,I read that by adding metabolic efficiency to UCAN an athlete could be even more successful. So I scheduled a phone consult with Jessica and she taught me how to eat, not just for training but for every day life! Bottom line by race day I had lost 5 lbs so I was at what I know to be my perfect race weight and I felt fabulous. I scheduled another consult with Jessica to dial in my UCAN nutrition plan for race day and my pre-race meals. Again, worked like a charm because by race day my body was metabolically efficient. Not only did I finish Augusta 70.3 at the age of 54 but, I killed my best-case time goal! I have struggled with yo-yo dieting and being hungry all my life. Even though my training volume has been lower the last 3 months I am keeping my weight within the 5 lb window I set for myself. I am not hungry all the time because Jessica taught me how to eat healthy without counting calories. Many thanks Jessica for helping me and inspiring so many others with your coaching and racing.

Robby Gentry

Every January I always tell myself I’m finally getting into shape and adopting a healthier lifestyle…and every year I end up putting those priorities on the back burner and then ultimately they get dropped all together. This year it feels different “this will be the year”…I 100% believe that, because I found Coach Jessica and Metabolic Efficiency coaching at Baxter Performance. I’m only 2 months into the program and not only is the weight coming off but more importantly I feel amazing. My energy level throughout the day stays steady, no mid afternoon crashes. Every day I feel stronger and ready for the days challenges . Gone are all the little aches and pains I normally have during training. Every morning I wake up refreshed and recovered ready for the next workout. I know it’s only been two months but I feel really optimistic about achieving my goal of adopting a healthier lifestyle in 2017. I only wish I found this earlier. Thanks Coach Jessica. I can’t wait to see where we are in 6 months.

Dawn Murrell

My husband and I both feel I’ve gotten much faster at biking and running with this program. It makes me feel more like an athlete that just a weekend warrior slowing everyone down. I’m so happy with the results from the program and you help! – Dawn Murrell (TriDot Athlete)

Jeff Irvin

With Jessica as my Metabolic Efficiency Coach my training and racing have reached new levels of performance. It is amazing how simple changes to what I eat have lead to better workouts and faster recovery! – Since becoming M.E., Jeff won the Hogs Hunt 50K on April 19, 2015.

Ellie Davis

After my thyroid issues and struggling with shredding fat while maintaining good athletic performance, I reached out to Jessica. I used to always have sugar bonks after running or high intensity workouts. Since adjusting my food I no longer have those sugar drops. I’m now burning more fat and I can see my abs! I feel great and I’m always satisfied and full. No fads, no gimmicks, just science and a little change in thinking from what many of us are told about how to burn more fat.

Chris Holley

Jessica was great to work with for guiding me to become more “Metabolically Efficient” in my training and competition. She was very responsive to the questions that I had through the process and getting my nutrition out for my long training days and races. I chose Jessica because we are both ambassadors for a mutual company and I wanted to get my body to burn more fat for fuel instead of the carbs. Figured that I had plenty of fat, why not burn it. Through the 12 weeks with Jessica I dropped 35lbs before Ironman Louisville and was at my leanest. I felt more energy during all of my workouts without having to rely on the GU’s or sugary sports drinks out there. I do and will continue to recommend Jessica to anyone who’s looking to become metabolically efficient in their athletic endeavors.