What is Metabolic Efficiency?

Metabolic Efficiency is a term that is typically associated with sport. From a nutrition perspective, being metabolically efficient simply means being able to use the proper nutrients at the right times.

What Metabolic Efficiency Training is NOT!

No gimmicks – No supplements – No fads – This is a lifestyle change to control blood sugar, increase fat burning, and improvement long term health.

How does Metabolic Efficiency differ from Paleo or the Atkins Diet?

Paleo, while lower in carbohydrates, doesn’t allow grains or dairy products. This lifestyle does. There isn’t anything you can’t eat.

Atkins restricts your lifestyle from almost ALL carbs. It puts you in ketosis where this does not. Lower carbs, yes, but your body needs carbs to function and perform at its best.

It is likely that you have heard of this scenario before as it applies to exercise: as you increase your intensity, your body prefers to use more carbohydrate and less fat for fuel. The physiological term for this is the crossover concept. With training you can manipulate this to essentially burn more fat during exercise, but this article isn’t about what we already know. It’s about the relatively unknown effect of your daily intake of macronutrients and their impact on fuel utilization and metabolic efficiency.

- Bob Seebohar

Not an athlete? It still works. Check out all the long term benefits becoming metabolically efficient has for you!

  • Improve satiety
  • Reduces food cravings
  • Increases thermogenic response
  • Controls blood sugar
  • Hormonal stability

  • Better sleep
  • Improved lipid profile
  • Controlled inflammation
  • Improved memory
  • And many more….

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To fully maximize any nutrition plan you must research the information available. Bob Seebohar has written multiple books and articles about nutrition after completing years of research with athletes at all levels. Click here to read more about the books available.