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Amy Arnold

By Jessica Baxter |

I started training with TriDot after struggling to find a coaching style that matched my triathlon goals. I knew somebody that highly recommended Jessica’s nutrition program. After doing some research, I decided to hire Jessica as my nutritionist and coach.
I’ve been working with Jessica for almost a year now. She has coached me through Ironman Galveston, Ironman Santa Rosa and numerous other Sprint Triathlons and runs. Jessica is always prompt with my schedule and feedback on my workouts. This is one aspect I was craving when I switched coaches, continuous feedback and communication about where I was in my training. I am amazed at the amount of effort she puts into tracking my progress. She can not only tell me I’m getting faster, but has the data to prove it. Jessica keeps a log for each workout I do and my numbers for those workouts. She will tell me the numbers from the same workout from several weeks prior and a workout I just completed to tell me my progress.
Jessica is not only diligent in tracking my progress, she’s understanding when things don’t go according to plan. She has made herself available to me whenever I need her. She checks in with me daily- and not just about my training, but about my life.
When I switched coaches I never thought I would find someone who is as all inclusive as Jessica. She motivates me when I need an extra push. She encourages me when I nail a workout and when I fail. She believes in me (even when I don’t!) and my goals and helps me reach them. She pushes me to achieve things I didn’t think I could do.
Because Jessica (and many of the other coaches I have meet along the way) is such a great coach, I highly recommend TriDot to anyone who asks- and sometimes even if they don’t!

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