Road to Kona


What’s Happening?

In May, I was selected by the IRONMAN’s Women for Tri board to race on Ironman’s grandest stage because they believe I embody the spirit of their foundation. They chose my unique story out of thousands of women worldwide because they felt it will inspire other athletes and bring awareness to a noble cause that I’m passionate about. I will race

The Ironman World Championships 2016, in Kona, on behalf of Women for Tri, a non-profit effort of Ironman and Life Time Fitness. To give back to the sport, I am raising $40,000 for Women for Tri’s mission: Supporting local Tri clubs with grants to aid in increasing women’s participation in the sport and collegiate triathlon scholarships for female student-athletes. This was a huge honor to be selected!

Why I’ve Accepted?

Women are constantly battling insecurities and low self-esteem. To build self-confidence we must do two things: change our beliefs that we are good enough and change what we define as success. These beliefs are what create emotions of insecurity and fear. How do we overcome these feelings? By changing our logic of what defines these beliefs.

Triathlon has helped myself and thousands of women redefine that logic and give us confidence and redefine our self-worth. We are all born in different shapes and sizes. You can be supermodel skinny and unhealthy or curvier and completely healthy. True beauty and good health is defined by good exercise, proper nutrition, and a positive self-image. I became a Certified L1 Metabolic Efficiency Specialist and IRONMAN Certified Coach to help one person at a time overcome these negative self-beliefs through fitness and healthy eating. Raising money for Women for Tri allows me to reach women on a broader scale through scholarships and grants.

Women for Tri embodies the heart and soul of what makes the sport so rewarding: testing your ability, overcoming challenges, and realizing the full depth of your potential in the most widely recognized test of endurance – triathlon. The opportunity to help other women was too big to pass up. God guided me to this opportunity for a reason. With hard work, and the help of a lot of giving people and companies, I am determined to make this happen!

What You Can Do to Help?

I’m looking for anyone wanting to help make a difference in women’s mental, physical, and spiritual healthy. No donation is too big or small. 

I’m also seeking 3 additional companies to donate $5,000 or more and take my fundraising efforts to the top. I have until October 1, 2016 to raise the $40,000. For those who are able to donate $5,000 or more, I will do a press release as well as add the company logo to my triathlon race top when I race in the Ironman World Championships, in Kona, on October 8, 2016. I will also make special announcements in newsletters and on all social media platforms.