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Better Results. Less Training Time.

tridot coachAdvanced Analytics Triathlon Training. Because Predictive Data Offers Better Insight.

I only align myself with the best companies.

If I’m getting certified on a performance nutrition system, then I’m seeking out the best.

When I wanted to start coaching athletes to improve their training, I found TriDot.

There’s no better scientifically-backed training system in existence.

Let me train you on their software platform.

I guarantee that if your mental game is strong, then I can make your physical game better than you’ve ever experienced.

If your goal is to PR or just to finish, I can help.

Fill out the form below and let’s talk. You need to ensure that I’m a good fit for you and I need to ensure that you are an athlete willing to do as I recommend.

** All athletes that work with me will get a 20% discount on nutrition packages.

  • Please allocate 30 minutes for our conversation.
  • There's no right or wrong answer here... I'm just looking for your 'why'.

More about Tridot as taken from their homepage…

You probably don’t use a map or ask for directions. You use technology. It’s informative and predictive.

TriDot is like a maps app for triathlon training.

We adjust your plan (route) using training data insight.

We optimize your training to reduce inefficiencies (traffic).

And we get you to your goal with better results in less time.

Technology Finds Hidden Insight in Your Data.

There’s certain underlying insight only technology can find.

It leads to predictive and dynamic training.

And saves coaches hours in weekly plan writing.

Given today’s training data volume, you need to let technology do what technology does best–optimize data.

Then coaches can do what coaches do best – guide and motivate you to be your best.